The power of Oprah in Bradenton

While at Books-A-Million a few days ago, Amy overheard a conversation among an employee and customer that reinforced to me just how much power Oprah has. Check this out.

Customer: “I’m looking for the book Oprah mentioned yesterday on her show. Do you have it?”

Employee: “Well, if she mentioned it on her show, then we sell out such books within the first hour. So I’m sure we don’t have it in stock.”

How crazy is that! Oprah has got to be the most influential person in America. Now if “we” could get her to recommend The Reason for God…

2 thoughts on “The power of Oprah in Bradenton

  1. Wasn’t it Keller who spoke at UC Berkeley some time ago? The idea of his appearing on Oprah may not be so far-fetched. Perhaps you could write to the show and suggest Keller’s name and book title. Give it a whirl; you just never know!–ae

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