Why In the Key of “H?”

I have a bad voice. My former professor Steve Brown used to say, “I have a face made for radio.” In the same way, I have a voice made for writing. I tell people that they may not appreciate my singing voice because I sing in the Key of “H.” And I don’t blame them. Hypothetically, the key of “H,” would be just outside the music scales. But I also write in the Key of “H,” possibly just outside of standard writing “scales.” And some people seem to be a little more appreciative. So this blog is my voice, in my writing style, from my perspective, prayerfully influenced and directed by my belief in the power of the gospel. The gospel changes everything, and I hope to share how it shapes my thinking with you.

One thought on “Why In the Key of “H?”

  1. Happy Tuesday… I went searching for a graphic to use in my post for today. I needed a plain, but clear, example of “real.” I scrolled through the options I Googled and found nothing appealing. I almost gave up and decided to scroll through once more, in reverse. That is when I saw “For Real”. It was pulled from your post entitled “Experiencing imperfect but real joy and peace”. All I can say is, Wow! So glad to meet your acquaintance ❤

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