Finally Home

We’re home now. We got here at 3 pm and are now trying to figure things out. Fortunately we have Amy’s mom here now, and then my replacements will be shipped in from Tampa on Saturday (my mom). Amy is doing much better. Still on drugs, and will be for a few days, but she’s feeling better. Thanks for all of your prayers. Here’s some more pics from a proud mom and pops. If that’s not enough, and I understand that it probably is, click here for few more.

8 thoughts on “Finally Home

  1. I want WAY MORE PICTURES!!!! THIS IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!!! Could you please please please take some more pictures and put them on the internet. I want to see more!! He is super cute!!!!! I want to see Amy holding the baby too!!! YIPPIE!!! Hope you don’t mind my requests. I know that you are busy, just thought it didn’t hurt to ask right?

  2. Most of my pics of Amy holding the baby are a bit on the inappropriate side! I just put in another link, so check those out. I’ll try to get a few more. Is this Rachel?

  3. Oh! What a toots! Connar is gorgeous, said in a classy New York accent. 🙂 Thank you for posting more pics; we love ‘um. Can’t wait to see all of you soon, but don’t hurry the young man into making his debut. G

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