Age of Love

Amy and I watched the first two episodes of “Age of Love.” In case you haven’t heard of it, Mark Philopousis (probably incorrectly spelled, but a pro tennis star pictured here nevertheless) is the Bachelor and he has to choose a potential dating partner (that’s usually as far as these relationships go) from a pool of women in their 20’s and 40’s. He has to eliminate one in each age group each week. Well, we’ve stopped watching the show, because it is, frankly, kind of sad-among other things ( many other things). But after we finished watching our DVD last night, I did catch the tail end of the show (so I guess I haven’t quit yet).

One of the women, aged 42, had clearly said there was a ‘feeling’ going on within her, and she resolved to not accept his invitation to stay. Well as she approached Mark, this 42 year old really caved. He explained how great of a time they have together, and she expressed her reservations. But he still wanted her to stay, and so she stayed.

Who knows what was going on within the heart of this 42 year old? I’ve learned better than to assume I can completely figure women out (and this is a good thing-this is not a knock: it means you’re not shallow!). But as soon as another man expressed interest in her, she totally changed her mind-despite being firmly resolute in her decision to leave.

I don’t question her character or decision making, any more than any of the others who’ve subjected themselves to the experiment of whether Mark will include age as a deciding factor in love. But this example I witnessed on TV probably goes on within the hearts of so many people looking for love: they just settle. They feel valued and cherished, and are made to feel important-so they settle. And its sad to me, much sadder than “Age of Love.”

I think that if women felt a little more valued, cherished, important (all proved true by the price it cost Jesus to make us Christians), perhaps they would settle less often, and look for more in a mate. But the same is true for all aspects of life regardless of sex-if we would realize how much we cost, we might settle far less in other areas as well.

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