What were you thinking?

Have you ever done something that is perhaps, stupid? Done something major without thinking? Its amazing how irrational we become when we’re obsessed with something.

Northern Colorado’s back-up punter, Mitch Cozad, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stabbing his on-field rival, the starting punter, Rafael Mendoza. What was this dude thinking? How glamorous is the kicking job at a sub 500 non competitive, unheard of, college like N. Colorado? Perhaps a springboard to the NFL, or CFL, or NFL Europe?

Jim Rome pondered the question: “Mitch, how did you think it would ‘go down’ after you stabbed him?” What did he think would happen after he stabbed the guy?

Even worse, he was engaged. I don’t know when he got engaged, but the incident happened nearly a year ago. Engagement might not have been the best idea for either party.

I’ve learned over the years, mostly by mistake, that seeking counsel on major decisions in life limits the irrationality that ALL of us in some way possess. From things like whether or not to stab a rival punter, to marriage and divorce, to jobs, to where to go to church or college, counsel can really make a difference. Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we talk?” Not a bad idea to limit our irrationality, even if you don’t have any stabbings on the brain.

If you want more info on this bizarre story, click here.

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