Deep reflection

Randy and I made the trip to the Apple store early this morning in hopes of getting my darn Ipod to sync with my computer. Well, the trip to Tampa proved to be a futile attempt to bring an Ipod and its coolness into my life. The tech dude hadn’t used Windows stuff since 98, so he couldn’t do much more than I could. That was information that would have been helfpul if brought to my attention yesterday. Nevertheless, it was good to have someone to whom I could talk and discuss hard life decisions.

But in reflection, after numerous attempts to get this thing to work, maybe the Ipod (for me) is like that girl you wished you could date, but she wouldn’t give you the time of day, or just wanted to be friends (even worse!). And to pursue her any longer would be tantamount to stalking. Am I a stalker? I don’t want to be that guy.

Maybe the Ipod isn’t ‘meant to be’ for this time in my life….Or maybe this is a sign to get a new computer after 5 years of Toshiba excellence…..Maybe I can see some ‘writing’ on the wall, but I just can’t read it yet. Maybe.

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