Sometimes God seems more present in the past

Today I had breakfast with one of the survivors of the USS Indianapolis disaster. It was truly an awesome blessing to have a meal with a brother in Christ who has done so much in his life. As he reflected back on his life with me, he recounted several acts of God’s providence which he would not have wished changed for anything. Now he didn’t use that term, but clearly Providence is the theological truth in which he rested.

For instance, he tried to get in the Naval Academy, yet was unsuccessful. But on the second go around, he passed. After three years, most of his classmates went on to flight school, while he was put on the USS Indianapolis. But he understood that God used him greatly during that time in saving many lives, nearly 150-similar I guess to the way God used Joseph in Gen 50 (though he didn’t draw that parallel). There were several other events which seemed hard, but he believed that they were all part of God’s plan.

When I look back upon my personal history, or even world history, particularly WWII (numerous events transpired such as Hitler’s gaff at Dunkirk or his being tricked in the D-Day invasion by a spy), I can see God at work. There were many times in which I couldn’t see Him at work in the present. But in the past, well, that was a different story altogether. After I looked back, I could see the One who authored the events of my history. Even in the darkest parts, I could be reminded of some little glimpse of hope.

That is why I believe it so necessary to reflect upon God’s faithfulness in the past. That’s what David did in the Psalms. Even little things that which played themselves out on a bigger scale. If we don’t, it might be quite hard to see, or at the least be reminded of His presence in the present.

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