The gym: a place where football BS flows like a brisk mountain sream

One thing that I appreciate about football season is that it gets guys together talking. I walked into the dungeon (the back room of the gym where they put all the free weights) yesterday and two guys were shooting the breeze and arguing over which football team was better. It was fairly friendly banter, I think. There was however great disagreement on how good the Bucs and Colts and Raiders really were.

Arguments are most fun when there is no way to actually prove your point. It just leads to more arguing and you can’t possibly lose. And you’ve already won in your mind, so why stop? I guess that’s the thinking.

Well the argument never stopped the whole time I was in there! But at least a little headway was made: it was better than trench warfare (how bad of an idea was that!). In order to slow down the arguing, a bet was proposed. If the Bucs give up fewer than 30 points, one dude owes the other 50 dollars and vice versa. So I guess the argument will end in a week. Not too bad.

I think the game of football gets more BS going than any other sport. I have no way to quantify my findings; its just been my observation over numerous years. I guess it’s because coaching seems to be involved more so in football than baseball. In baseball, you have one bad managerial mistake, but with football, every play is subject to question. Or maybe its because football is only played once a week?

But it just makes me laugh, this phenomenon of football. I mean, one dude who doesn’t know my name (and probably doesn’t care), is like best buds with me because we both pull for FSU and talked about it one day for 20 minutes. Isn’t that crazy? I think they should do more sociological experiments with football fans. I know the best place to start the experiments!

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