Welcome to the Hotel Rwanda: "Such a lovely place?" Part III

The final part of the Rwandan trilogy. In case you’re not familiar with the movie, the main character Paul takes in many refugees to stay at the hotel he manages, thus Hotel Rwanda.
So the Hotel becomes like an Oasis in the desert of death and destruction. The question I have is what similarities/differences exist betwixt the Hotel and the Church? The question is not rhetorical, and please feel free to comment. But do please allow me to go first, seeing as it is my question.


  • The Church is to be a place where needy people come to find refuge, shelter, protection. It is not for the well, but for the sick. People can only become a member of the Church by recognizing their need for a Savior.
  • In the movie, some of the refugees actually served and helped out at the place. It was probably like the 10%/90% rule, where 10 % of the people do 90% percent of the work. Another point for similarity! Regardless, those who come out of great need to the Church, are then called to serve within it.
  • Hotel Rwanda was a place concerned with issues of social justice. The Church today should be concerned and do all it can to seek justice for the oppressed.
  • The Hotel Rwanda was constantly under attack from its enemies. Physically or spiritually, Satan is not a fan of the Church and will do what he can to stop, disrupt, cause dissension. Sometimes its small like someone stealing our roadside banners on Halloween. Sometimes its with more forceful entry.


  • Hotel Rwanda was primarily a place to which people simply arrived. They were not invited; they simply came. In the OT we see a vision of people flocking to Zion (an idealized/’souped up’ Jerusalem), but that vision never really materialized for reasons I don’t have time to write about. But in the NT, we see very clearly that Jesus calls the church to GO forth. The Church has to be both defensive and offensive. We are sent forth.
  • Some people did drop refugees off at Hotel Rwanda-but these ‘rescuers’ were not part of the Hotel itself. The Church consists of people who have been rescued. So it’s different in that we the rescued, now become involved in the rescue operation. Different mentality. A beggar showing another beggar where to find bread.
  • The Hotel Rwanda was only a temporary refuge. All who lived there knew it could not last but so long. With the Church, Jesus promises that He will build it and the gates of Hell will not overtake it. Pretty cool, I think.

Just some final thoughts on the movie. Definitely see it if you haven’t.

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