Neighborhood Cookout: Part II

Last night I knocked on a few more doors, and eventually got one more couple to come on Saturday to our cookout. I really think that these neighborhood cookouts (or any neighborhood activity) really honors God.

If we are created for community, than doing anything which builds community, even if there is never the slightest mention of Jesus or church, is a good thing. It honors God as we try to put aside our solitary existences to a more communal and relational way of living. The picture we get of heaven is of great multitudes worshiping; there will be no solitary living. So doing anything which promotes community is really furthering God’s Kingdom on Earth (which is essentially bringing what’s already present in heaven now, down to earth).

With some there is great excitement. With others there is great inertia. Right now we’re at 7-8 households participating. But even if it were just the houses on my cul de sac coming, I still think it would be a good thing. Heaven is not a place on Earth as Belinda Carlysle sang in the 80’s. However, she wasn’t totally sans truth.

Heaven will one day be a place on Earth (Rev 20), and our participation in Christ’s mission brings a little bit of heaven down to Earth. As we live out our faith in the community we’ve been placed, God’s Kingdom/reign/will moves forward. And heaven becomes a little more visible on Earth.

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