PC and Mac vs. New and Old songs

I finally got my Macbook up and running this weekend. I did my best to screw it up by inserting a disc that didn’t need to be inserted. As a result it did some bad things, and then nothing at all. Fortunately a gentlemen at Apple walked me through (over the phone of course) the process. An hour and a half later of reinstalling ALL the stuff, and I was good to go.

I think that the Mac will be hard to use at first. I’m used to doing things a little differently. And honestly, I’m comfortable with my computer-even though its slow. Really slow. At least I know how to do what I want it to do.

But if you think about it, everything that is new is probably going to be weird or hard at first. Praying out loud, praying with people, sharing your faith, building new relationships with neighbors, etc…All of which are part of being a Christian, even though they might make us feel weird at times.

Singing new songs or new arrangements of songs in worship is also weird, and sometimes hard. Some songs seem harder to sing than others. And some folks like to claim that most new music is harder to sing.

But if you’re honest, most songs that you’ve never sung before (or are not familiar with), with the exception of Hansen’s “Um-bob,” are difficult at first to sing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, be glad.

There are many ‘old’ songs we sing at our church that I’ve never heard before. And guess what, they’re hard for me to sing. Sometimes really hard. But Amy and I try our best, and we know that they are not hard for everyone (because they’re familiar to many)-and you will never see us with our mouths shut. We’ll sing because we like who we’re singing to.

And with newer songs or arrangements, I can only trust that people will show love and do the same. Even though it will be hard at first. Like using a Mac.

I’ll update you in a few months to see if this whole PC to Mac switch is really a good analogy. It might be a bad switch for me and never become familiar and easier-thus making it a bad analogy.

Many folks have just as strong opinions on this issue as they do on worship songs!
But know this, I’m not trying to argue that one computer or one worship form is better than another. I think they (computers and worshipers with varying tastes) can exist in one congregation.

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