I guess because Valentines Day is approaching I’ve had some ‘love’ thoughts and feel its an apropos time to share them. The other day I was watching a Saturday Night Live Commercials special that my Pops had Tivo’d (or DVR’d or whatever contraption he has). Since the best cast members, in my opinion, are no longer with the show, or no longer ‘with us’ at all, I never really watch it anymore. 

However I do take advantage of their commercials when I get a chance. Most SNL commercials make me laugh. One of them I found quite clever: Me-Harmony. I searched all over “You-Tube,” with high hopes of finding that video. No dice. So I’ll just have to describe it to you with words and a still picture; sorry that’s all I got.
Anyhow, as the name suggests, the commercial is a take-off from Eharmony. Those who found true love on the commercial say that they’re tired of trying to match up with people who may have different interests. At ME-harmony, the founder comments, “We only ask questions about the most important person: YOU. We match you up with someone who is exactly like you on every level.” And then they reveal their match. It’s either a female or a male version of themselves. 
Several thoughts came to mind, but I could only put one into words. 
My closest friend is just like me. We’re both ordained PCA ministers in Florida who are similar in personality, interest, family background, experiences growing up. Even our wives have similar personalities to each other (though quite dissimilar to us). But I’m glad my wife is different than me; I can’t imagine being married to a female version of myself (its kind of scary thinking of what that would look like). And I’m glad I have some friends who, while sharing similar interests, are way different. Surrounding myself solely with people who have the EXACT same interests, gifts, personality, experiences, doesn’t sound ridiculous. In fact, things might be easier on some levels. But just look at the picture above. It really does look that ridiculous. 

3 thoughts on “Me-Harmony

  1. I will have to agree with you that I like the differences of our wives. You are good looking but lets just be friends. The thing that kills me is the claim that they will match you with someone who loves you for the “real you” what does that mean? That drives me crazy…. what does that mean?

  2. Ande,Great question. How does a compatibility match make someone love you for the ‘real you?’ Does someone else make you ‘more real?’ Or does someone else bring out the ‘real you,’ like Tony from Frosted Flakes? Or does the ‘Real you’ mean the entirety of person-interests, passions, personality, appearance, etc..?Maybe we should get on Eharmony and find out what they really mean,,,,

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