Polk county reminds us why we study history

Unless you’re completely out of the loop, you’ve heard of the “Polk County’s finest” who beat up another cheerleader. Wisely, one of them video-taped everything and so it appeared on You-Tube. I’m not sure if one of them posted it, or if the cops posted it afterwards. Feel free to let me know who was responsible for the posting.

Regardless, video taping their malfeasance was on the other side of brilliant. It really was. Beating up a helpless lass reminds us of the affects of sin on the heart. Videotaping it reminds us again, that sin also affects our minds. We are dumber because of sin’s presence in our world.

Sometimes we can limit acting on our stupidity by looking at history. A wise man (not sure who) once said that he who doesn’t study history is doomed to repeat it. These young ladies probably didn’t know about Richard Nixon and the Watergate recordings. I’ve done stupid stuff in my life (not stealing government information or anything like that), but Nixon’s mistakes certainly taught me NEVER to videotape myself in the act!

Studying Church History can really keep us from repeating mistakes which have already been dealt with in the past. They can also actively help guide us as we deal with philosophical, missional, theological issues for today. None of us will probably video tape ourselves committing heresy, but we can save ourselves from much error as we look to the issues which have confronted the church throughout its history.

This post is not meant to be polemical against any particular person; it was primarily inspired by some rationally challenged teenage girls who right now, have to be scared to death as they face life sentences for a few very bad ideas.

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