Prayer Schedule

One of the things I’ve found helpful to my prayer life (which still needs plenty of help) is a prayer schedule. If you’re not a schedule person it might sound like work. But its really not. A schedule helps direct our time so that we are praying regularly for the same persons, places, things, and possibly, but probably not animals (though that’s of course not prohibited!) We don’t have pets.

I remember being in college and hearing of people praying consistently for things or people. I can remember them telling me how they could see such fruit in their prayer life. I never prayed for anything consistent very much, because every time I sat down to pray, it was simply ‘freestyle.’ So I never really had that much to share with such folks.

In seminary, my mentor/pastor challenged me to go through some sort of simple schedule. He gave me his template, which I have since revised. Now Amy and I have specific things to pray for each night together. I never have to wonder what or who to pray for. And the cool thing is that we have seen God really work in people’s lives. Family members coming to the Lord, extended family coming back to the church, etc..

So I would commend some sort of prayer schedule to you. Here’s what ours looks like. Hope it is helpful to you.

Monday-Family members
Tuesday-Extended Family
Wednesday-Church leadership and their families
Saturday-Worship on Sunday and Persecuted Church
Sunday-Grandma’s, widows, orphans

We always add “side items (not like grits though)” to the schedule, but we at least know that these folks/areas will be regularly prayed for. You will begin to see a difference and be all the more encouraged to pray.

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