Last day of School and Little Kid art

Amy had her last day of school today. Its been an amazing year for her. God has been so good to her, as He gave her a class of All Stars. The odds of such a truly unique, smart, well behaved, and loving bunch of kids coming together is like 1 in 75 years; kind of like Haley’s Comet.

Anyhow I was formally and cordially invited to come in for a pizza party and take pictures. The party was intended to help the kids could get a little more closure that she would not be coming back. I’m glad I came, because I got to take home the left-over Domino’s Pizza.

One of the girls named Jasmine drew a picture for me. I guess it had me and her in it. BTW-If you ever have the need to feel like a celebrity, walk into an inner city kindergarten class. They treat you like royalty, without acting like Paparrazzi. Upper-Middle class Kindgerteners may do the same, but I wouldn’t know since Amy has only taught in title one schools.

Every time I go there, someone draws a picture for me. No Picaso’s in the making, but their pictures are done with love and do put a smile on my face. Not because of the quality of their work, but because of the desire of their hearts: to bless me.

I think there is some similarity with our praise before God. Our offerings before Him probably look like little kid art. We often think we’re offering Picaso worthy stuff to him, but its probably more like stick figures. Yet God delights in the praise of His children. They make Him smile. Its not the worthiness of the art He’s after, but the desire simply to honor and bless His name.

She’s planning on tutoring some next year, so I may not have seen the last of little kid art. I may just have to share the spotlight with “little T.”

2 thoughts on “Last day of School and Little Kid art

  1. Kelly,Thanks so much. Any day now. Amy enjoyed her first day off by getting Little T’s room ready. And getting paid for it because of her 18 sick days!

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