3 Moms, kind of…

Amy is feeling so good now. She can’t feel a thing and continually talks about how thankful she is for this epidural. They’ll eventually lessen the drugs when its time to push. Until then she’s been happy to just chill. We were kind of in a race (for guys, everything is a race or competition) to beat this woman down the hall, but just got word that we lost. Still everything seems to be moving well. Praise God. Thanks for all those who are ‘keeping score at home.’ My mom just showed up so we have a full house.

10 thoughts on “3 Moms, kind of…

  1. Wow! Pictures!!!!! I feel like I’m watching “A Baby Story” on TLC. You all look great! The girls and I keep checking for updates. We are all excited!Staci

  2. I keep checking your blog to see Amy’s progress. And, soon we’ll find out the big question – boy or girl!!!! Love to you three!!Donna & Christie

  3. I am so excited! It looks like you’re all doing great. Ben and I will definitely be there tonight after he gets out of school. Keep up the good work!Andrea

  4. Ok. This is seriously the coolest invention ever! I love the internet! Thanks so much for blogging! Amy, you look so adorable! Thanks for the update! I wish I was in the waiting room….mostly for the muffins with the icing! Thanks for that picture Geoff! And, by the way, now I have to go get a new purse because I have the exact same one as my mother in law….or is that amy’s? Can’t wait to hear the good news!!! Stay Strong! Love from Mechanicsville!Rachel

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