We’ve seen some hair

Amy is now fully dialated and has pushed some hair out. We don’t know the sex of Little T, but we know that he/she has a full head of hair. Unlike his/her daddy. The midwife is taking her sweet time coming down here, but now we are summoning her for the home stretch. Amy can’t help but push, so we should see some results really soon.

8 thoughts on “We’ve seen some hair

  1. Geoff and Amy,Goeff – love your blog stories and comment and especially all the wonderful baby updates. Nancey – hang in there. I’m praying for you! And for the record . . . my vote is that you all will have a beautiful baby boy. Love from Mechanicsville!Karin (Schwab) Agustin

  2. Geoff and Amy…congrats on Little T! I sure hope that you got all your sleep in before the birth! Anyways, aloha from Hawaii and I can’t be more excited for yall! COME VISIT!

  3. Ok, everyone. I think they had the baby and forgot about those of us on the edge of our chairs! Geoff, you’ve spoiled us! What’s going on!?!??!? :)Jessica

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