Two Communities

Here’s a cartoon that a friend sent to me. I found it apropos and humorous. Of course the cartoon spelled my name wrong-but I’m used to that. Connar will have to get used to it too (normally spelled Connor, I think).

However, diaper duty really hasn’t been that challenging except when Connar pees on himself and the surrounding areas. I’ve not really been sprayed yet. He normally just sprays himself. Kind of gross to see his face covered with pee. But not to him.

Anyhow, I’ve been so blessed to be part of two neat communities. My church community has been huge, bringing meals every other day. And good ones at that! I can’t imagine not having such a community in my life. I don’t see how people live disconnected to this Family. They have blessed us so greatly and have really made our joy more complete through their desire to care for us and be excited for us.

Another community has been my neighborhood. My next-door-neighbor brought us over MORE gifts. She and her daughter had already given us stuff, but they gave us more yesterday. And they are not the only one’s who brought us over stuff, or offered services. We’re very thankful for this community as well. Just thought I’d share the joys of community.

Are there struggles in community? Of course. We’re people. But I think, experientially, the blessings far outweigh the struggles.

2 thoughts on “Two Communities

  1. Now I am confused.Here is my $64,000.00 question for you Geoff: From the very first day you spelled your son’s name”CONNAR”, no mistake no mispelling ,it is “CONNAR”. I learned that this must be your son”s proper name.Now you are saying it is a mispelling, His name is actually “CONNOR”. Before I go nuts, would you please spell your son’s name for me as it is written on his Birth Certificate?Thanks a million! Paul Der

  2. Paul,Hey brother. When I said “normally spelled Connor,” I meant “normally” as in most people spell it that way. We will always spell it Connar. Sorry for the confusion!

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