Another present

Just when I thought my neighbors couldn’t be nicer, another family pulls up in their mini-van and drops off a mini basketball autographed by none other than Dick Vitale. Apparently he is a regular at the First Watch or Broken Egg (where she is a waitress) or something like that in Lakewood Ranch. How cool is that, eh? This neighborhood is definitely a special place and community is forming where there was no community before. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Another present

  1. How cool is that! A mini basketball signed by the one, the only, Dicky Vitale! For sure, a collector’s item. G (Someone gave us a miniature white and orange Bucs football and Bucs jammies when our first son was born. That’s long worn out, along with Bruce, the Buccaneer)

  2. You can’t go wrong with Buc-o-Bruce.Although he is a bit outdated now-a-days. Amy made me throw away the Buc-o-Bruce night light I had, but this ball will be a bit more timeless I think!

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