My Grandma

I have to brag on my Grandma. She’s probably the most loving and self-less person I know. She’s amazing. Yesterday she came down from St. Pete to give Amy a respite. And of course Connar blessed her with a few “blow-ups.” Not sure exactly where those ‘blow-ups’ landed. But since she arrived wearing a wetsuit, I think she was prepared. Actually she wore normal clothes, but was prepared nonetheless.

Anyhow, she has continually served us since we’ve moved to Bradenton. Often she would drive down once a week or every other week to help Amy out in her classroom. While she does live in a condo in St. Pete, with many 55 + neighbors, she has refused to adopt that secluded private 55+ retirement mentality.

She serves her church. Even helps out with refreshments at VBS. She is actually committed, not leaving when others have left. She serves her grandkids. But why do all these things, and just have everyone serve her? I mean, she is a widow. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She finds great joy in serving. She actually wants to hold my screaming, crying baby. Not just when he is cute, quiet, and easy.

Her service is really a win-win. It blesses us. But it also blesses her. She finds her life by giving it away, which is what Jesus promised. And that’s really the most joyful way to live, not to mention the only option that Jesus really gives us. Its a delight to see my Grandma serving us. Not simply because she is serving us (though that’s priceless), but because Jesus is continually filling her with joy.

And that’s the way serving others can be. So here’s to all of you 55+ who have continued serving faithfully (folks do notice it) and setting a good example for us young whipper-snappers. Though someone who can’t wear a visor without getting his head sunburn probably shouldn’t go by whipper-snapper. I hope we all can feel as blessed in our serving as my Grandma does.

4 thoughts on “My Grandma

  1. Donna,Thanks so much. Everyone loves her. She’s been a Grandma to more than just her biological family. Then again, she’s technically a ‘step-grandma’ (she married Gramps about 25 years ago) so not biologically related to me either. The kids at Amy’s school call her Grandam as well!

  2. Grandma is an angel right here on Earth. If we could all be just show a fraction of her love to others the world would be a better place! Of course, Geoff, Amy and Connar are so fabulous that one cannot help but want to be with them and shower them with love!I can’t wait to meet Connar!Much love,”little” Anne

  3. As “sister-twin” of Little Anne, I also claim Grandma as family, and proclaim she is a tremendous woman full of love and generosity of spirit. She is devoted to her family and to making this world a happier place.KC

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