Not sleeping and the Kingdom

Yesterday marked something new in my life. I was too tired to fish. Amy said, “Don’t you want to get out and fish in the morning?” After the 2:45 am feeding, I had no gas left in the tank. I chose sleep over fishing. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I really can’t. Will this be a new trend for me? Perhaps as long as it takes to get Connar sleeping through the night, or at least simply sleeping period. Though he did sleep after the 12:45 am feeding last night, so maybe there’s fishing still in my future…

Since I didn’t kayak fish, I had some extra energy to spend doing yard work and working out. I brought my Ipod and listened to a sermon by Jean Larroux, pastor of Lagniappe Pres in Bay St. Louis, MS (where we went on our mission trip). He’s probably the best preacher I’ve heard, being passionate, illustrative, and concise. He has been preaching through a series on The Lord’s Prayer, and this one is on “Your Kingdom Come.”

His sermons are the perfect length to listen to on the computer or Ipod (only 25 minutes or so). So if you have a spare 25 minutes, I would highly encourage this one. It was quite challenging for me and much better than my sermon on the kingdom!

Click the link here to go to the church’s podcast, and then click on “Your Kingdom Come.” However all of them are great.

3 thoughts on “Not sleeping and the Kingdom

  1. Yes, he is a great preacher. If you haven’t listened to “The Chicken Truck of My Heart”, it’s a must. It’s an awful but apt description of the human heart. Praise God for his grace in loving us “while we were yet sinners.”–ae

  2. In addition to my daily drive, this semester I’m driving to and from Lakeland on Friday nights. MP3 lectures and sermons keep the drive from feeling endless (and keep me from the bizarreness of George Noori.)

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