Gruden, Garcia, and Geoff

Well I woke up to a piece of really good news on Thursday morning. Amy, holding Connar in her hands, said, “Guess who got Favre?” I assumed it was Tampa, so I begrudgingly said as such. But to my astonishment, I found out the N.Y. Jets had saved the day.

We already have a 38 year old Pro Bowl QB. We don’t need another who doesn’t know the offense and doesn’t feel it is his job to mentor a younger QB, (or four of them!). So I’m quite thankful for the Bucs not wasting any draft picks on Favre

There is a backlash however. Gruden wanted Favre. Clearly. How does that make the current QB, Jeff Garcia feel? Well I haven’t asked him, but last time I checked, he was/is a human being. One who has been hurt. One who was benched last year so that he wouldn’t make an extra million (under the guise of resting him for the play-offs). One who was not offered the contract extension he deserved for risking life and limb behind a shady (at best) offensive line. An offensive line that didn’t give up many sacks because Garcia was so nimble. Period. Anyhow, I digress. As usual.

Gruden and Garcia cannot act like there has been no rupture in their relationship. I think that the Bucs and Gruden think Garcia should just act like nothing happened. But Garcia will be gone next year because Gruden and Garcia WILL NOT come together and talk about the issue. They’ll ignore it. Like men. Like most people. But if they did come together, there would at least be a glimmer of hope (they’re still made in the image of God).

Yet in the church, we have someone called Jesus. He gives us far more than a glimmer. He is the hope for those who come together to talk. He has destroyed the dividing wall of hostility that existed between Jew and Gentile. He has removed our transgressions as far as East is from the West. And I’m so thankful He has. Because as much as I dislike Gruden, I see myself in him more than I would like! Now I need to display this thankfulness in all of my relationships.

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