Teach little tykes

I had the opportunity yesterday to teach our young communicants (those who want to join the church and receive full membership privileges and responsibilities). I created a curriculum intended to answer the five membership vows-which contrary to popular opinion-actually DO mean something. Since the wording of these vows is a bit hard to understand, perhaps even outdated, we spend time breaking down what these vows actually mean. I use the word “membership promise” since that probably means more to a 2nd grader.

Anyhow, the first of the four week course centers around the recognition of sin and hope of a Savior. I was astounded at how well these kids (ranging from ages 5-12) knew. I asked questions like, “Can you ever be good enough to make God like you, or like you more?”And the kids really had a great grasp on their need for the gospel.

I’ve seen youth that really couldn’t answer questions like these. It really shows me how important it is to spend quality time discipling your children, no matter how young.

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