Thoughts on Connar’s Baptism

We had Connar baptized two weeks ago and it was quite a blessing. Its good to take time to reflect, which I’ve done little of. Most people don’t contemplate or reflect; we just do. Anyhow, here are a few brief reflections I had “time for!”

1.) God the Great Hound dog
A number of family members came to Hope that Sunday. I was blown away by the mere fact that some of these folks weren’t in a church at all only a few years ago. And now some of them not only go, but are getting connected. God had been faithful to His covenant promises to be a God to believers and their children. They were all baptized. We actually had 4 generations of Hendersons there that day. Pretty cool. One by one, He chased after such folks like the Hound of Heaven. And Henderson, by one translation book, means “Lover of Hounds.”
Seriously, that’s what I heard.

2.) A Sinner’s Prayer?
I’m praying for Connar to never know a day where he doesn’t know Jesus as His Lord and Savior. If he does have some sort of time or day experience, that’s fine. But since there is actually no official “sinner’s prayer” in the bible, I’m not going to tell Him he needs to pray one. Instead I’m always going to point Him to repent and trust and follow Jesus from day one.

One thought on “Thoughts on Connar’s Baptism

  1. Seeing little ones baptised is always special for me, because it is when I can take my children on my lap and tell them, “Remember when you were baptised. . .”It’s an Ebenezer.

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