Enterprise: "We won’t pick you up"

First, let me give you and “Ocho Cinco” update. Apparently since so many of the number 85 Chad Johnson jerseys have been sent to stores, the NFL is NOT letting “Ocho Cinco” run free. He will have to remain Chad Johnson on the field. Unless he decides to purchase all of the 85 Chad Johnson jerseys currently in stores. Life is hard, eh?

Anyhow, I learned one valuable thing on Friday night. Enterprise, the company which boasts the slogan “We’ll pick you up,” doesn’t. At least not airport Enterprises. On the way to Rock the Universe (Christian concert night at Universal Studios), the church bus broke down. About 15 miles from the Universal Studios exit.

The kids made the most of the time by cross-stitching, paper meche, and making balloon animals, so that was fine. The caravanning cars following us took their kids and then came back an hour and a half later for the rest of the kids.

Myself, and the bus driver + wife waited for them to return and take us to the Airport Enterprise (only one open at that time) to rent 3 mini-vans. Because if you are stranded on I-4, they will not pick you up. Busch league. Totally.

We finally got to Universal Studios at 11:45 pm, just in time to meet the kids at the check point at midnight. I can now say that I’ve been to Universal Studios, and not be lying. Although I was joking about the paper meche and the like, our kids had a great attitude and one of them led a few games. You know, the kind of games you’d play if a bunch of your peers were broken down on the side of the interstate.

I really can’t complain. The Apostle Paul was shipwrecked. And he didn’t have Enterprise, or a coast guard for that matter. He probably just had a board to float on. I was in my bed at 3:30 am and can blog about this with a smile. A long night, but God safely, and fairly cost-efficiently, delivered us to our homes.

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