Sometimes too much isn’t enough

Amy, Connar, and I flew to Virginia last night, and have been enjoying seeing her family. Flying with an infant usually isn’t too fun, especially when that infant is Connar. Connar is actually Gaelic for “hates to ride in car seats.” So naturally we weren’t looking forward to flying with him. However, he slept during take off, fed an hour later, and was great for the landing. We didn’t even have to get up and walk with him. Our prayers answered. I’m really hopeful now that he’ll like boats. We usually stay away from trains.

I did learn a valuable lesson yesterday evening though: know a little about who you’re talking to. Here’s what I mean. We let all of the other passengers get off the plane because we’re just so stinkin’ nice, and we had too much stuff to get down from the overhead bin.

So a tall African-American gentlemen was passing by me, waiting for someone else to remove his stuff. Since he was wearing a VCU jacket, I asked him if he was a coach. Then I asked him what it was like to work for Jeff Capel. He said, “I dont’ know, Jeff Capel is in Oklahoma.”

Incredibly embarrassed, and thinking it couldn’t get any worse, I followed with, “Who is the head coach?”

“I am,” he said.

“Well, what’s your name?”

“Anthony Grant.”

I felt like an idiot. Sports are something I probably know too much about. But this time not enough. I had completely forgotten that Jeff Capel had left a few years earlier. Coach Grant is beginning is third season at VCU.

Like Bono sang in Where the Streets Have No Name, “I want to run, I want to hide…” Not an option though. Next time I make small talk, I hope to think a little more…..

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