Drifiting Kayak

Yesterday I went to get on the Elliptical machine at the gym and felt my hamstrings tighten. I hadn’t been on the thing in days. What could it have been? Then I realized I had done a little bit of inadvertent exercise on the kayak Monday morning. Only the exercise had not been exactly “on” the kayak. I was running to the kayak in waist deep water.

When I fish, I usually wade and tie a rope attached to the kayak around my waist. Then I proceed to go wherever my little ADD mind will take me. The only problem was that I was wading without my kayak. I had forgotten to tie the rope. After about 10 minutes I realized there was no resistance, so I turned around looked behind me. And there was my kayak. Floating the opposite direction. At least a 100 yards away. With the wind blowing from the East (in the bible the East wind is a wind of judgment….), pushing my kayak across Sarasota Bay.

Unfortunately it was blowing quickly and moving the kayak to deeper water. So I raced across the grass flat hoping to get there in time. I can’t describe to you the helpless feeling of watching your only ride home just drift away. I didn’t know if I’d get there before it hit deep water. So I casted my lure to try and catch it. Once. Twice. No dice. So I put the cell phone and wallet in my ziploc bag and went deep. I was up to shoulders when I finally reached the rope. I was out of breath but thankful it hadn’t drifted to the other side of the bay.

Eventually I did notice that the normal weight of a kayak dragged against the wind was missing. I eventually realized it on my own, feeling led by the prodding of God’s Spirit. But I sure wish I would have had someone point it out to me earlier. It would have saved heartache and hamstring ache. There are some things which God will (if we are not quenching the Spirit-which is always a possibility) eventually convict us in time. But why wait until that point? Wouldn’t it be better to have someone we love tell us that we are walking forward, yet leaving our proverbial kayak behind us? Just some thoughts I had Monday after I got in from fishing.

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