The 2008 Rays of Kindergarten classes

Tonight as I was preparing dinner, we heard a knock on the door. Much to our surprise it was one of Amy’s former students (and his family of course-I don’t know too many first graders who can drive). After tutoring today, Amy invited some of last year’s kindergarteners to come again to our Xmas Outreach party this year, this December. One of the kids thought since the invitation was issued today, that the party was today. So his Mom called Amy’s cell three times. No luck. The only way to prove to the little tyke the Xmas party was not in fact today, was to stop by the house.

So little Justin, his younger sister, his mother, Connar, Amy and I hung out for 15 minutes or so. Connar just so happened to be wearing the very outfit they gave us. Crazy. It was a great reminder to us how God used/continues to use Amy as a teacher to do more than simply teach (though that still would have been a good thing) but to touch lives. Justin, and we pray many others as well, are planning on coming back to our house for the Xmas party. Even though these kids are no longer in Mrs. Henderson’s class, they’ll always be Mrs. Henderson’s kids.

That class was special. ESPN sport’s anchor Stuart Scott has even compared called that class the “2008 Rays” of Kindergarten classes. We’ve had more than 75% of the kids over to our house to hear short gospel messages around Xmas and Easter. And now we have the chance to do it even after they “graduated” kindergarten. Who knows what the gospel (and a Spanish bible) could do in their lives?

2 thoughts on “The 2008 Rays of Kindergarten classes

  1. That post brought tears to my eyes. I just want to encourage you and Amy to keep on pressing on! You have made a lasting impression on so many people- including the Peters family.Love in Christ,JessicaP.S.- The girls and I LOVE every Connor video you post.

  2. Jess,Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate that. I really do. I’ll make sure Amy sees your comment. We miss you guys. Hope all is well. I’ll try to get some more Connar videos up soon. Maybe we’ll try to get him dressed up as Bumblebee tonight. Tell the girls and Dwayne I said hi. Peace.

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