More with less

Well, the Rays’ season is over now after a magical ride. They will probably go down in history as the team that did more with less than any other team. I have to admit that I doubted Joe Maddon’s laid back style for a few years, but it seems to have worked. No one got more out of less (low payroll, young players, few “household” names) than him.

That’s the way that God works with us. He gets more out of less. Jesus didn’t establish some sort of “dream team” of talented, beautiful, highly educated people. He chose fisherman. That’s why there’s hope for us, even if you don’t fish. It isn’t any different with the church today. He doesn’t accomplish anything through us because of how talented we are.

He uses jars of clay (II cor 4), not pots of steel. He chooses the foolish things to shame the wise (I Cor 1). He does more with less so that He gets the glory and we get to join him in His work.
Provided we use our gifts to serve the church and participate in mission, we’ll see God do more with less quite often. So in some way, the lives of His children (who are using their gifts) parallel the Rays magical season. Except our season doesn’t end in October.

2 thoughts on “More with less

  1. Great to hear that study is going well. Yeah I guess it does dovetail. Maybe I had that in the back of my mind… Amy was talking to me about Sampson two days ago and how much confidence he had in himself. Sounds like ya’ll are getting a lot out of it. We may have to do that study with the dudes, eh?

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