Advent and Devotional

I’m a huge fan of advent. It constantly and properly reminds us where we stand: smack dab in the middle of Christ’s first and second comings. Thankful for all that he has accomplished, and longing for Him to finish what He started. A dude named Tullian (I’m not getting into spelling his last name) wrote a good little blurb on Advent. I doubt I’d do any better, so I commend his to you. He’s the 2nd person to recommend this little Advent devotional from Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA). Click here and you can download it for free. I checked it out and it is fantastic. Amy and I will be hitting it up from this day forward. Of course it’s not as good as the one I created (I’m not biased or anything), but it’s a very close second and more family friendly! I hope you give it a whirl. I know it will help you celebrate (with thankfulness AND longing) Christmas all month, especially in the midst of the economy, busyness, family issues, sickness, and suffering.

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