Ding, Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead (or rather, fired)

Well the “wicked witch” is dead. The Buccanneer ownership (The Glazers) fired yet another 9-7 coach. Perhaps it was because outside the Super Bowl year, the Bucs were an under 500 team. Perhaps it is because they didn’t win A play-off game outside that SuperBowl year. Perhaps it was because no team has ever gone 9-3 since reallignment and missed the play-offs with 4 straight losses (except the 08 Bucs). Perhaps it was because Jon Gruden treated people like garbage and was about as loyal to his quarterback and wide receivers as an elementary school boyfriend.

Jon, if you’re out there reading this blog, I would like to say, “Thanks for the Super Bowl in 02.” But being a jerk to everyone really only works if you’re winning the big one each and every year. Otherwise, niceness goes a long way.

In the end I would prefer another more proven coach, but to have a coach that the players actually like will be a nice change of place. And to have one the fans can respect is icing on the cake. Candles would be another Super Bowl.

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