Roller Coaster

Today was an up-and-down type of day. I had planned on doing some early morning fishing, finishing by 10 am. However Connar’s teeth had other plans and he ended up staying awake from 3-4 ‘ish’ A.M. Not conducive to a 6 am wake up time.

That’s OK, because it left me more time to spend at Wachovia this afternoon, figuring out why checks I had supposedly deposited were bouncing. Of course I had never seen these checks before. Apparently someone got a hold of my account and was cashing bad checks. They call that fraud where I come from. So after an hour and a half in Wachovia, we seem to have the problem mostly solved.

Now for the “up” part. I got a call from Rick Montgomery from the Kansas City Star. He wanted to interview me for an article he’s writing on God and football- inspired by Kurt Warner’s outspoken Christianity. A little while ago, he stumbled upon one of my posts on scripture verses and eye black. Crazy, eh?

So we talked for about 15 minutes this afternoon, and he’s going to have the article done sometime this afternoon. He may or may not quote me. But it was still cool to have a visitor to the blog who is an accomplished writer for a major newspaper. I’ll post the article here as soon as it comes out.

3 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. How cool is that! Not the fraud involving your bank account, but the contact from the Kansas City Star! Which means, you never know who is watching you or, in this case, reading you. Sobering thought. G

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