"Lost" in Spanish

Last night Amy and I sat down to watch the T.V. show “Lost.” We’ve been a little confused lately about what’s been going on in the show. Each episode seems to bring up more questions than answers. Last night only accelerated our confusion. Here’s why.

We started the DVR (probably the best invention in the history of the world, or at least top 10) and saw the conclusion of the last episode (it always records about 2-3 minutes early). One of the new characters said something to the “bad” guy in Spanish. I thought, “Wow, I don’t remember her speaking Spanish last time.”

Then the commercial came. Then the new episode started. In Spanish. All of it. I’m really not sure how it happened, because we don’t have any sort of language change capability. So needless to say, we’re even more “lost” now than we were before. Watching it in Spanish didn’t help.

This is probably how the gospel sounds to those whose eyes have yet to be opened. The gospel is like another language all together: everything is the very opposite of what one would expect (grace not merit, sacrificing to find joy, communal not strictly individualistic, etc….). Therefore the verbal proclamation of the gospel really needs to be accompanied by prayer from you and from others. Without the Spirit “translating” the message to the heart, the message will fall on “deaf” ears.

Now prayer is not a substitute for verbally sharing the gospel with our friends, families, neighbors, it is like a wing on a plane. Obviously we know what happens when a plane only has one wing.

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