Profound truth in a kid’s song

Have you ever found that sometimes the simplest things can be the most profound? I overheard my 9 and 1/2 month old son’s music playing today. He’s not yet into U2, but I have to give him some time. He’ll get there eventually.

Amy procured a CD filled with all kinds of kids’ bible songs, you know the kinds with the ultra-high pitched (and sometimes freaky sounding) voices. Today, track number 1 particularly struck me to the core. I’m not sure of the title, but these are the lyrics, “I’m so glad that Jesus loves me….Jesus loves even me.”

How often do we sit down and just let this sink in? Are we really so glad? That he loves even me? So glad that our circumstances don’t mean as much anymore? Or are we only so glad when life is going well? Today, by God’s grace, this truth just hit me. Today, right now as I write this, I’m gladder and more joyful than I have been in awhile simply because of this truth. Because God is loving, He will expose the idols in our lives so that we would run back to this truth.

If after a time, “I’m so glad that Jesus loves me, even me,” doesn’t have an affect on us, it may be that there are personal idols which have not been identified or repented from: comfort, and respect are some that I’ve been battling. We do battle by reflecting and delighting on this truth of the gospel. The gospel at some points is so profoundly deep and at the same time profoundly simple enough a child can get it. This child got it today.

4 thoughts on “Profound truth in a kid’s song

  1. We sang that song in church when I was growing up. The verse:I am so glad that our father in heaven,Tells of his love in the book he has giv’n,Wonderful things in the Bible I see, This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.Thanks for that Blast from the Past and the reminder that “Jesus love even me.” G

  2. You just can’t beat a Blast from the Past can you?When we sang “As the Deer” on Sunday it brought me back to my days of being the youth director of a semi-redneck youth group. One youth used to love “The Deer” song because he liked to shoot them. Today I tried to sing that “Jesus loves even me” song in my head throughout the day. It did help.

  3. I wonder if the author of the song had in mind the fact that Jesus loves even children. So much of our thinking, writing, talking is directed to adults; this could leave children thinking “What about me? I love Jesus too.”I’m glad when the faith of even a young child is acknowledged. We of course can’t deny the wonder of Jesus’ love for us (adults) “while we were yet sinners.”–ae

  4. Adri,Perhaps that is the case. Jesus certainly got ticked off at people who were stopping children from coming to Him. The little ones are way important to Him and should be too us as well.

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