Is Cutler being a crybaby, man, or both?

My dreams of the Buccaneers landing a quarterback with some real skills just took a dip toward potential reality. Now of course the owners who already own soccer’s premier franchise Manchester United, will not pay for a top tier quarterback, but there is no harm in dreaming.

Jay Cutler, current quarterback for the Denver Broncos has now declared that his relationship with the new head coach (who is a year old than me-that is just plain crazy by the way, but then so is the Bucs coach) is irreparable. Cutler has been angered since the team tried to trade him a month ago, so the new coach could be reunited with his previous year’s QB. Apparently both sides have handled the situation poorly, according to some thoughtful NFL analysts. The NFL is a business and Cutler needs to realize he is ultimately just a commodity to help sell tickets and jerseys.

But the main problem Cutler has with his new coach boils down to trust. He cannot work with someone who has allegedly lied to him. He cannot work with someone he cannot respect. He doesn’t need to like him, but he has to be able to respect and trust him.

Now to some Cutler seems like a winy little brat, and I can see that. But for a man, so much seems to come back to trust and respect. Not that we don’t want to love people we work with and for, but the desire to be loved or to love someone in authority seems to be of secondary importance. Respect for the guy is primary. To be disrespected or to not be able to respect seems like it hits guys harder even than not being loved or able to love.

That’s been my experience. And my experience seems to match up with what Paul says in Ephesians 5 concerning marriage. I think that’s why Paul instructed women to “respect” their husbands. Not that men don’t respect their wives (I Peter 3 tells us to), but the matter is one of primacy. So while I think Culter has acted somewhat like a crybaby-a crybaby I want to be the starting QB for the Bucs-I can understand his unwillingness to play for a coach he cannot respect. He’s also a man.

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