An Existential Passover and Easter

Here’s a reflection of some Passover/Holy Week opportunities that one woman found very beneficial to her soul. The strange thing is that she doesn’t really believe in the reality they portray. To define existentialism is like defining breakfast, but you can click here to read an entirely existentialist view of the Passover and Easter (I sometimes use existential meaning “experiential” because that is part of the pie, just not the WHOLE pie as in existentialism).

For this woman, it doesn’t matter that the events of the Exodus as celebrated in the Passover Seder or Jesus’ actual bodily resurrection didn’t actually occur. That doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that through these symbols, you feel some sort of connection to God, the spiritual world, or yourself. There is no ultimate reality, just your own personal experience.

I encourage you to read some of the comments. Sad, but typical to many.

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