Discipleship resources

Here’s a good list of books monergism (click on “visit this link”) recommends as a resource in helping you grow in your faith, wherever you are in that journey. But it also can serve as a resource in discipling someone else toward a greater maturity in their faith. Both are the responsibilities of all believers in some way, shape, or form.

3 thoughts on “Discipleship resources

  1. My fave part of Monergism, is the collection of MP3 sermons / lectures. While there are a few audio series posted I wouldn’t have included myself, like with all resources, it provides an opportunity to exercise discernment.Some of the ones I’ve especially liked are the biographical lectures by John Piper, Men of Whom the World was Not Worthy and the Tim Keller collection.

  2. Alexandra,Thanks for the prayers. I’ve not seen all the lectures and audio series, but what I’ve seen of the site and purpose I can definitely get on board with. Thanks for the tip about the Piper bio’s. Sounds cool.

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