Praying For Rain

Last night we got the first bit of rain we’ve had in a long time. I’m cannot remember if I actually spent time praying for rain this go-around, but I can say that in the past I certainly have. I would have never done this as a youth. I would have never done this a college student. It wasn’t until I lived in an agrarian town called Clinton when I actually prayed for rain. I was just never really aware of my need for it. I always fished salt water; and that water never runs dry. But people’s crops were dying and their cows were hungry.

Yet now, even without cows and crops, I know that rain is quite necessary. Even though it might mess up fishing and cause my satellite not to work, praying for rain is good. As I’ve matured, I’ve become more aware of my needs. That’s really what much of our Christian growth looks like. Not that we need less, but that we need more. With rain and Jesus, the older and more mature we get, the more (not the less) we realize our need for him. If you find yourself thinking you need Jesus less, or at least are acting like you need Jesus less, then you’re really heading in the wrong direction.

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