Gospel Communities by Steve Timmis

Here are some video resources on community groups that are very thoughtful. This hip Brit avoids calling them “groups” and chooses instead, gospel communities, which do seem a bit different. They are more decentralized, not being primarily centered around a specific weekly /bi-monthly meeting.

While I would still emphasize the importance of a weekly meeting time (more of a both-and deal), I think his emphases on actually living out the gospel with one’s community group is a message we need to hear. We need to think in a more decentralized way.

One point he brings up is not to set up a gospel community by interest group such as a NASCAR group as a local mega-church in our area does (though I’m not condemning this creative method) or by relational affinity, but fairly strictly by location. This way, you actually have to live out and apply the gospel to those you would not ordinarily hang out with.

But since the goal is to spend time with, minister with, literally drop in on, serve alongside of, invite, etc…, it might be wise to aim for locale with a sensitivity toward affinity. Then again, if NASCAR gets folks together to really live out and apply the gospel in community and to their community, then go right ahead (although they really only turn left).

These videos are really worth watching and reflecting upon. And because he’s British, they are also easier to listen to, and of course, interspersed with subtle humor.

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