McNair, skeletons, and us

It’s definitely a bad time to be a celebrity, athlete, pitchman. The most recent one to bow the knee to Jesus (albeit possibly too late to count) is former Titans QB Steve McNair. Reactions have been mixed. Some, like the Tennessee Titans, are celebrating what a great life he had on and off the field

Others, have blamed him for putting himself in the situation of dating another woman while being married w/four children. Former player and analyst Jamie Dukes had this to say about the situation of marriage and commitment in connection with the alleged murder-suicide. Radio personality Dan Sileo bashed McNair’s inability to commit to his wife and family.

Regardless of how great a community man Steve McNair was, he did have skeletons in his closet. They eventually came out. They always do. McNair shouldn’t have been put on a pedestal, but in his defense, none of us deserve to be there.

We all have skeletons in our closet. And we are all capable of infidelity (McNair) and prescription drug use (allegedly for Michael Jackson). The quickest way for these capabilities to become public realities is to believe that you’re incapable of such mistakes.

I just heard a pastor of a PCA Mega-church (yep, we have a few) talk about his prescription drug abuse at our General Assembly. These things can happen to all of us. So if we can learn anything, run to and rest in Jesus early and often.

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