Reality TV shows

The problem with Reality TV is that there is no limit to what can pass as a TV show. As long as its real, or marketed as real, it can be a show. The other day I was flipping past T.L.C. and found a show called “Obese and Pregnant.” Really?

Well I thought that would exhaust the abnormal pregnancy TV niche until I saw another one on T.L.C. called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Yep, a show about people who show up to the hospital because they feel sick and end up leaving with a kid. Their kid. That’s a show with staying power.

I wonder what the founding fathers would have to say about our reality T.V. show options today. And which reality show would Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin likely watch? I can’t speak for Jefferson, but I’m certain Franklin would be all about “The Bachelor.”

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