The Soloist

Before Connar arrived, Amy and I used to hit up the dollar theater in Sarasota on a regular basis because we like movies and it’s a cheap date. We finally got a break the other day-just a week or so ago-and saw The Soloist (click here to see the trailer)

Now I wanted a bit more action so it took some cajoling to get me on board. However, Amy and I thoroughly enjoyed this film based upon a true story.

The story chronicles a L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez’s attempts to help a homeless Cello virtuoso, at one time enrolled in the Juilliard College. But his mental illness has left him content with living on the streets playing a 2 stringed violin.

Lopez, played by Robert Downey Jr, runs into some rough patches with Anthony Ayers, played by Jamie Fox, as he does not always appreciate the help. Of course the Christian character in the movie is a putz, but since the movie is based off the book, perhaps it was just an accurate portrayal.

Nevertheless Amy and I found the movie an intriguing picture of redemption as well as the selfish and unrealistic expectations revealed when we seek to help others. I would highly recommend the film to others. I’ve not really heard anyone talk about it, so maybe it’s just me and some other California nuns who enjoyed the film (several of movie critic Sister Rose’s blog readers appeared as fans). If you’ve seen the movie, feel free to interact with me and tell me why you liked or didn’t like it. Again, I found it a superb story and film.

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