Check out what Jesus has done in my family!

Amy dropped off Connar at the kids club (I call it a nursery) at Lifestyles Family Fitness sometime toward the end of last week. She was greeted by a young lass of about 10-12 years of age. This young lass shamelessly began talking about how much Jesus had changed her family’s life.

First of all, what boldness! However I doubt she had to psych herself up by praying, hitting her head against the wall or touching a rock on the way out of the proverbial locker room. Jesus had simply changed her family’s life, and now people were going to hear about it. She was bold because Jesus had actually made a difference.

We hold nothing back that is precious or anything which has had a great impact in our lives, except maybe a secret fishing hole. Other than that, we simply tell of good things that happen to us-unless we feel no one would really care. Kids don’t worry about whether or not people will care about their stories; they just tell. I think this is a good example of child-like faith that ought to challenge us all. Just tell stories, the Grand Story, and the story of how it intersects with our lives.

The 2nd thing of note was that Jesus had changed her “family’s” life. Not just hers. Sin from the parents affects kids. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen sin patterns in parents get passed down to kids. And Connar will definitely inherit and have to deal with my sin patterns. Today he walked from his room to the laundry room and threw away his own diaper; I bet he’s only actually witnessed me throw them away maybe a few times. I’m learning how quickly he’s picking up on my cues. But just as he will struggle with “Hender-sins,” Jesus gives us hope that he can redeem the whole family from the enslaving power of Hender-sins and those sins common to us all.

I’m a fan of Lifestyles Family Fitness because they are really living up to their name in more ways than one.

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