Twitching Leg, Ken Burns, and Spirituality

My left leg has been twitching every night for the last 4 or 5 days so I’ve been up a good bit later than I like to be. Since there was no cheesy SCI-FI movie on the SCI-FI channel (they’re so bad they draw me in), I flipped through the channels and locked onto Letterman.

He had director Ken Burns, who has a documentary about the National Parks system coming out on PBS Sept 27th. It didn’t sound as interesting as The War, but his comments were definitely thoughtful.

This joker seemed like someone I would definitely want as a friend. Nice guy, at least during the interview. Anyhow, he poetically spoke of the spirituality of the Grand Canyon as you “See the hand of God, as the river has been carving the canyon for a billion years.” It reminded me of Psalm 19, where the heavens declare the glory of the Lord, and the skies the work of His hand.

Nature truly does point us to the God who created it (not the God who is in and a part of it, called pan-en-theism). Burns really challenged me to think more poetically about creation, and he’s following good biblical precedent.

In addition, Burns mentioned that its not just about individual spiritual connection, but about sharing that park experience with others. Life experiences are meant to be shared, how much more should our spirituality be shared in corporate worship and in community groups? Nice common grace insights from Burns.

2 thoughts on “Twitching Leg, Ken Burns, and Spirituality

  1. My comment has nothing to do with Ken Burns, but regarding leg twitching, perhaps looking into a good multivitamin might solve your problem. As always, check with your doc (I believe you know a good one 🙂 ). I loved Burns documentary on the Civil War which I insisted the kids watch before we drove to many of the battlefields on our trip through the South and points North. Poor kids, they didn't much like the pics of the soldiers lying dead on the battlefields. I was not a very sensitive Mom. G

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