Quarterback battle and the Sovereignty of God

Due to the fact that the Buc’s offensive line did not protect my preferred QB Luke McCown at all on Thursday night, we’ll be seeing Byron “the Statue” Leftwich as the starter on week 1. If we’re going to lose all but 4 games-which is generous-I’d rather see this guy behind the line of scrimmage. Check out this snippet from his interview on dealing with the disappointment of losing out on the starting job:

“It is not easy, but again you guys know me. My faith and my opportunity lie in a sovereign God. That he has a plan for me specifically, and I’ll lean on that. That makes it easy for me to go out and have fun, and have a great practice, a good practice, and be at peace with the decision. Because I feel like it is God’s decision for my life. It is not really, not necessarily, me not winning the starting job it is just what God has for me right now. That makes it is easy for me to go out with peace.”

My prediction (not something I’d prefer happen) is that “the Statue” will be hurt by game 4, and McCown will get a chance. No Buccaneer QB has started all 16 games in the last 7 years, so I believe he’ll get his shot to start soon. I’m not a fan of his poise on “the pocket,” but I sure am a fan of his faith.

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