Even the Losers, Only the Losers: A New Kind of Sports Talk Show

While listening to Jim Rome’s radio show today, I had an interesting (well at least to me) thought for a radio show.

Every time Rome interviews someone, he will precede the interview by saying, “Ranked in the top 10 in the coach’s poll, or coming off their series sweep of the Rays, or first place in the NFC East, here is……..” Rome only interviews winners, or at least people who are winning at the time. He once interviewed Kurt Warner when he played with the N. Y. Giants. They were 5-2 at that moment, and then pretty much lost the rest of the games and Warner was benched. He obviously didn’t come on again that season. That would have been an interesting interview.

So I won’t hold my breath on having any Buccaneers players on the Jim Rome show this season. But these are exactly the kind of guys I’d be looking for if I were to have a show. So are the Tennessee Titans, and the Cleveland Browns. Even the hated Panthers would be welcome. All are currently losers at 0-4. “Even the losers,” as Tom Petty sang, would be welcome.

But even more than that. If I were a sports talk host, I would only interview the losers. Of course the show probably wouldn’t last long, and I’d have losing sponsors like Circuit City and Boater’s World. Winning is easy. I don’t want to ask them how they feel at the top of the division. I already can figure out that one pretty easy.

I want to hear how someone is dealing with losing. Is it easy to follow the coach’s leadership when decisions, or plays, or schemes or their ideas aren’t working? Do you expect to win? What are your goals when you realize you can’t make the play-offs? What motivates you?

Those are the kind of questions I’d ask. I want to hear from the losers. Because when we lose, we leave ourselves wide open for the gospel to do a great work. I think this would be the kind of sports talk show Jesus would have, because he seems to do his best work under those conditions.

3 thoughts on “Even the Losers, Only the Losers: A New Kind of Sports Talk Show

  1. THank you Randy. I think I'm on to something. But as the great Steve Brown put it, "You're not famous enough now," or something to that affect. He reviewed some of my writing from my book on small town life and told me it was good, but no one knew who I was! Kind of a catch 22. You're right though. I'd love to interview Matt Holliday. He's a believer too, so I guess that's cool, but also I feel terribly for him!

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