Magna Doodle Dandy Devotions

I don’t really know who this dude Doug is-I found him on one of the Acts 29 church planter blogs I foll0w-but he sure offers a nifty and creative way to do family devotions. The Magna Doodle appears to be some sort of “tricked out” Etch-a-Sketch (not sure if those are still around). Looks like the kids are drawing some of the bible stories and then discussing them with a parent. It seems like a really cool idea for family devotions.

Connar isn’t quite ready for this yet-we’re fortunate when he can finish a meal without wanting to run around-but when he is, I’m going to try this out for sure.

7 thoughts on “Magna Doodle Dandy Devotions

  1. Magna Doodles have been redesigned since our kids were tykes! So have Light Brites. Folding hands and praying,thanking God for their food is a great thing to do from the time babies are first able to sit up in a high chair or other chair and eat baby/solid food. Stopping right then and praying for the persons in the ambulance when you hear a siren is another way to pray.As well as when a child falls and scrape his knee. You can pray and thank God they were not hurt worse and pray that it will feel better. Or, when you see a pretty flower, stop then and thank God.G

  2. Gail,Yep those are good ideas. We do stuff very similar to that with him now, but look forward to the time when he's able to use the Magna Doodle! Apparently Amy's just purchased some at a yard sale.

  3. Also try High Chair Devotions: God Made My World; God Cares for Me – and other titles, by Marilyn Woody; available on amazon. Connar is ready for these now and will enjoy the songs (make up your own tune or use Twinkle Twinkle etc.) and rhymes as well as the pictures. I believe motions are suggested too, to go with the songs.–ae

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