NOT "Once bitten, twice shy baby"

Just a few days ago, a kite-boarder was attacked and killed by shark-or more likely in my fairly uneducated opinion-a number of sharks. But apparently there were a number of bite marks, and a number sharks in the water at the time of the attempted rescue. Here’s an article on the story.

One thing that amazes me is that in the midst of these rare attacks, there is usually a “hero” (I’m surprised no one used the word “good Samaritan”-though I guess that only applies to land based rescues) who ventures out into the victim’s blood filled vicinity. A vicinity that includes not only blood, but the sharks who drew that blood.

In this case the lifeguard Dan Lund paddled out on a surfboard, knowingly heading into the perilous situation. What motivates such people to do such things? I guess you could say in this case, it might have been his job or sense of duty. But he could have radioed for jet ski’s and boats (though that would have taken longer).

Perhaps, deep down in his conscious, it could have been that he had survived a shark attack over 20 years ago. He had survived. He had been shown grace, and grace is always the strongest motivator.

And the best way to show grace to another, is to stop and recognize grace that has been shown to us (Amy recently reminded me of God’s grace to ME when I got mad at Connar for not “getting” something).

Perhaps because of this grace, Dan Lund wasn’t, as 80’s cheese rock band Great White sang, “Once bitten, twice shy, baby.” Who knows?

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