Sometimes saved not from, but in your situation

After an elder recommend it to me when I first ascended the mountainous region of West Virginia, and stayed with him, I began reading Don Kistler’s work A Spectacle Unto God. Yet I hadn’t picked it up in quite a while. Now after reading some this morning, I’m now going to be finishing it soon (its a short book).

The book alternates chapters filled with biography and letters sent/received during Love’s stay in the Tower of London. Thus Kistler does a good job of not simply telling a story, but encompasses all perspectives: the Normative (the standard of truth-Scripture; HEAD) the Situational (what’s happening in life and the world; HANDS) and Existential (experiential or HEART) perspectives. For more info on the multi-perspective stuff, click here.

Anyhow, sometimes I wonder what it really looks like in life when folks say, “The times were tough, but the Lord was totally with me.” I mean, sometimes God doesn’t deliver us from our situation. Nevertheless, existentially, he does deliver us from being enslaved to our situation. This truth is what Christopher Love, in essence, wrote and expressed to his wife:

…for he said himself that he did never know what it was to have full assurance of faith till he had received that sentence of death at the bar, and at that very minute he said to his wife that, “God came in with such ravishing manifestations of love upon my soul that I feared it was to discovered in my countenance and may be so interpreted if I smiled in a contemptuous way upon my judges.” pg 71

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