Callipari and unselfish coaching

I heard a snippet of an interview on the Dan Patrick show yesterday. In the interview, Dan Patrick poked and prodded in reference to a previous interview where Kentucky coach John Callipari said he would “wrestle John Wall (his starting point guard) to the ground if he decided to return and play for him the following season.”

John Wall is projected to be the number one pick in the NBA draft this year. He’s also a freshmen. So why stay in school, when the only thing you can do is hurt yourself: either by actually getting hurt, or by hurting your draft stock-the only place to go is down.

Callipari gave his reasoning behind “wrestling” on the most recent interview and it went something like this: “I don’t need him to build my coaching credentials, to get more wins for the program, to make me look better. I want him to do what’s in his best interest, not my best interest.”

Now we pastors don’t have to worry about anyone getting “drafted.” Outside of Enoch (Gen 5:24) and Elijah (II Kings 2:11) who got “drafted” into heaven before death, I don’t think Jesus is going to do that again until He returns (I Thess 4:16-17) and finishes His Kingdom work of making all things new (and not before then).

Nevertheless we as pastors, and we who are involved in the local church will experience people moving to find work, get promotions, be near or take care of ailing family, or retire. This is hard, especially when our “starting point guards” decide it is time to move.

But I think Callipari, reminds us all to consider the good of the “player” and the good that the “player” may do by moving elsewhere. Even if it is hard for the local congregation. And it has been hard for me over the years.

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